Why Cambridge English?

Valuable knowledge - A good knowledge of English, backed up by the right English Language qualification, can give students a head start in life, leading to exciting study, work and life opportunities at home and abroad.

World Wide Recognition - Universities, employers and government departments around the world rely on Cambridge English exams as proof of ability to live, work and study in an English speaking environment. (recently, it was stated in the newspaper that the Education Ministry endeavors to upgrade the English skills among teachers by ensuring that all 70,000 English Language teachers will pass the Cambridge English Placement Test.)

Fair and Reliable - Detailed research and analysis of exams and also student performance has bee carried out to ensure exams are accurate, reliant and fair.

Rewarding achievements - Achievement are being rewarded with a certificate.

A Cambridge English qualification - A Cambridge English Certificate is one of the most valuable certificate in the world. In addition, students also learn practical language skills for using English in real life situations - opening the door to opportunities for international work, study and travel.


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