Nursery curriculum

We focus on teaching early social skills including interpersonal interaction, being a part of a group of peers, and classroom skills such as following the instructions of a teacher. Our developmentally appropriate, play-based program with many opportunities for exploration and discovery takes place in-door and out-door.


Learning should be fun! We infuse this belief into our lesson plans each day to ensure your child develops a positive self-concept and feeling of self-worth. We believe that a child's first learning experience outside the home should be an interesting and joyful experience. At Taska Sri Gemilang, we seek to help the child make a successful break from home while developing a sense of security and feeling of success. Development of self-expression, self-control and responsibility is fundamental in helping pre-schoolers become part of a new group and will build a sound foundation for kindergarten.

School Motto

"Truth and Honour"

Mission Statement

To make the difference by providing quality holistic Adventist Christian education to prepare the present generation to meet the challenges of life.

Vision Statement

To be identified as an effective learning organisation that grooms students to excel in character development and academic achievement.

Contact Information

Sunny Hill School
3rd Mile, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak
Tel: 082-426501 Fax : 082-236501