Sunny Hill School is the first school in East Malaysia to introduce the highly successful Marshall Cavendish Online system into our learning platform in teaching English, Mathematics and Science by providing the means for students to excel by making schoolwork enjoyable and fun through the creative use of technology. We continuously invests in technology to enhance our product offerings, and development of more pedagogically sound multimedia rich content aligned with curriculum to meet the growing e-learning needs in our school.

With a strong track record in Singapore, MC Online are now well-placed to expand internationally.

MC Mathematics Module contains resources based on Model Drawing and CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) approaches. It emphasizes mathematical understanding, helping students develop logical thinking and critical problem-solving skills.

MC Science Module is packed with rich multimedia lessons to arouse students' curiosity and imagination. Students explore further with highly interactive activities to build their understanding and apply concepts learnt.

English Writing Module introduces the writing process and demonstrates simple strategies to help students excel in writing. Through animated tutorials, language activities, and guided practices, students develop necessary writing skills easily.

English Oral Module equips students with clear strategies to tackle the three components of English Oral – reading aloud, picture discussion, and conversation. The step-by-step approach, with guided practices, helps students acquire oral skills and confidence.

** Marshall Cavendish Online (Formerly known as Learning EDvantage) is the premier e-Learning solution and service provider in Singapore.



School Motto

"Truth and Honour"

Mission Statement

To make the difference by providing quality holistic Adventist Christian education to prepare the present generation to meet the challenges of life.

Vision Statement

To be identified as an effective learning organisation that grooms students to excel in character development and academic achievement.

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Sunny Hill School
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