Enrichment Programme

In order to supplement the KSSR/ KBSR curriculum, we have worked thoughtfully to provide course enrichment in the following academic areas:

1. Sunny Hill school management has incorporated the Cambridge Modules and Examinations into our existing English Enrichment Programme. This means the primary students will be allotted a significant amount of time to study and read the Cambridge English: Young Learners, also known as Young Learners English (YLE). The Cambridge Young Learners comprising of three levels, STARTERS, MOVERS & FLYER give a consistent measure of how well 7–12 year olds are doing in the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our tests are designed to make learning fun and children are encouraged to work towards certificates that record their progress. This sets international standards in our primary school English for teachers as well as students.

2. Furthermore, the management has empowered the school to use the Marshall Cavendish Online Portal to teach science, mathematics and Cambridge English. This is an internationally recognised E-learning Programme used by over 70% of the primary schools in Singapore. The teaching of these 3 subjects in English medium is based on the Singapore syllabus. Students going through this online learning portal can engage in flexible, self-paced learning through an adaptive, multimedia-infused learning programme.

Effective from 2014, Marshall Cavendish Online Portal is only implemented to teach Mathematics and English for Primary 1 and 2 and Science, Mathematics and English for Primary 3. This early strong emphasis on Singapore Science and Mathematics, and Cambridge English is very helpful if your child is preparing to study science courses like medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, etc. which are imparted in English medium.

Our objective on these carefully planned enrichments is to achieve a more extensive science and mathematical based learning and higher English language proficiency for our students.

School Motto

"Truth and Honour"

Mission Statement

To make the difference by providing quality holistic Adventist Christian education to prepare the present generation to meet the challenges of life.

Vision Statement

To be identified as an effective learning organisation that grooms students to excel in character development and academic achievement.

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